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- seit mehr als 30 Jahren -


The studio workshop is particularly equipped for free artistic and experimental design in ceramics and the creation of unique pieces or small series in ceramics, porcelain, fine stone pieces and Raku. The creative basis since establishment of the studio:

  • Wheel-thrown ceramics (also large ceramics)
  • Architectural and structural ceramics
  • Slip-cast ceramics
  • White porcelain
  • translucent porcelain
    (bone china, Lithophane Lighting Products)
  • RAKU - and smoke fired ceramics
  • form building
    (Plaster, plastics, metal, wood)
  • Casting, Slip-casting and molds
  • Own clay, casting slip and glaze recipes
  • Building of small furnaces, kilns and special refractory solutions for open pit fire
  • Techniques in majolica and under glaze decorations
  • Gold plating and lustre painting
  • Photo ceramics
  • oxidizing and reduced firing
    up to 1320C / 2500 °F


Studio service today encompasses:


design & product development

Styling, model construction, building of plaster forms, slip-casting

From the prototype to the first test model.
Manufacture of molds and forming tools.

The first manufacture of a series takes place in the studio. In the event of an exceeding of the production capacity, competent manufacturer will be employed to assist us.
more about this....

design & product development


Porcelain restoration, ceramic restoration
Repair and reproduction

Whether it's terracotta figures, salt-glazed stoneware,
antique Ming vases, tiled stoves, designer washstands/sinks
or merely the missing lid of the teapot
....whether a crack in the bowl, worn handles or broken edges...,
everything can be repaired, restored or reproduced individually and to your personal requirements in the Porcelain clinic.
more about this ....


individual creations

One-off productions, made-to-order pieces, individual design

Measured production instead of mass production:

Garden lighting, restaurant lighting in terracotta,
individual mural design, architectural ceramics,
room fountains, Ikebana ceramics

memorials, cemetery ceramics, urns

giant vases - the giant vase up to 5 ft/150 cm tall
for the garden, entry of your house or the hotel Lounge

hand-built individual sanitary ceramics for bathroom and sauna

commission works
- according to your own designs too -
....For some suggestions,
see the following examples...


individual design dish individual design chalice individual design fragrance lamp

individual design Child's birth dish

Giant vases


model works & sculptures

Model work

Heads, busts, parts of the body in ceramics (modelled or slip-cast), sculptures,
more about this.......

model works


Ceramic mosiac

Mosaic as wall decoration, as column linings, for the garden table, around the garden pond or in the bathroom (bathroom ceramics)- the possibilities are infinite!




Intensive courses in the pottery studio - single or small groups.
"The Great Experience" course: Raku on Lanzarote Island!
Raku firing service

Description to follow

raku event

Special: Raku Event

For the summer festival, tour operators as an animation....
... or as an fair exposition or garden party,
for advertising and promoting acts

Description to follow

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